MFA: View and Select Alternate Sign-In Option(s)

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  • Provided you have set up and are enrolled in MFA and have set up one or more alternate sign in options, to select one of these options follow the steps provided below. 

Instructions: View and select an alternate MFA Sign in Option you have set up

In the event you do not have access to your primary phone, for example if:

  • You do not have immediate access to your primary authentication phone
  • Your phone battery is dead
  • Your primary phone device is lost, stolen or damaged
  • You get a new phone and no longer have your original primary phone number

Provided you have completed set up, enrolled in to MFA and have set up one or more alternate authentication sign-in options, to select an alternate phone option(s) follow these steps:


  • When you log in to MinnState provided O365 service applications from your computer device, you will receive the MFA Approve sign in request reflected below.
  • Step 1) Click the Sign in another way link

  • Step 2) You will then be presented with a list of alternate sign-in option(s), you had previously set, to choose from.

  • Step 3) Select the sign-in option you would like to use for MFA approval verification.
  • After you have set up and enrolled in to MFA, you can change settings and alternate options at any time. This includes changing your MFA verification method, adding or removing verification methods, configuring new devices to use Microsoft Authenticator app, and editing phone numbers.
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