Email Setup: Outlook 2019 Desktop Client for Windows on personal and HTC Owned Devices

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  • How do I setup Outlook 2019 desktop client on my computer?

Instructions for setting up Outlook desktop client for windows on personal and HTC owned devices.


  • Step 1) Open Outlook desktop client.
    • Step 1b) If Outlook opens to an old profile, use the following steps - otherwise skip to Step 2
      • Use the Start Menu to browse to Control Panel
      • Click the icon for Mail
      • Click Show Profiles
      • Click Add... and give it a new name (example: Shared Tenant), click Next and then Finish
      • Under Always use this profile, choose the new profile from the drop-down menu and click OK
      • Close Outlook and re-open
  • Step 2) Enter your email address
  • Note: If using a HTC device, your email address should be already added.
    • Employees:
    • Students:
  • Step 2b) Click Connect

  • Step 3) Enter your Minnstate username:
    • Employees:
  • Students:
  • Enter your Star ID password.

  • You will be prompted to either set up your MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) or authenticate with your current choices.

It may take some time to update all your Outlook folders. You can view the status located at the bottom right of the Outlook window.


Please Note: Once you log into your email on your mobile device, you will be prompted for the Multi-Factor Authentication. (Call, Text or MFA App)


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