Cisco WebEx - FAQs

Cisco WebEx FAQs

This article covers:

1)  What is Cisco Webex?

2)  Why is Cisco Webex needed?

3) When will Cisco Webex be available to staff/faculty?

4) How will this be different from the current phone system?

5) As a staff or faculty member, what do I need to do?

After MFA Set up and Enrollment FAQs

6) How do I set up my voice mail?

1) What is Cisco Webex?

Cisco Webex is the phone system that HTC is implementing to replace our current phone system. This will include a desktop application that you can make calls from (ie. softphone). You will retain your existing number and will be able to use existing analog phones. You can have voicemail forwarded to email, access our internal directory for calls, and dial out externally all from your computer. There are also additional settings available to you to personalize your phone experience.

2) Why is Cisco Webex needed?

Our current phone system is outdated and we needed a more fully functional softphone solution. Cisco WebEx will improve the experience of all HTC Staff and allow calling from your computer easy and convenient.

3) When will Cisco WebEx be available to staff/faculty?

We will be sending out emails closer to each group’s enrollment date. The system will be live at the end of march. For the most updated timeline and information, please see our project management page for this project here.

4) How will this be different from the current phone system?

You will retain your current phone number (extension?) and the physical phone you have at your desk. Your voicemail messages, PIN, and any greeting you have recorded will not transfer. You will be able to log into an application on your desktop to receive and make calls.  You will also be able to access additional settings and have more options available to you for how to handle your calls.  Finally, we are making some changes to the phone structure (the options and voice messages played to people calling into HTC) but it is similar to the original setup.

5) As a staff or faculty member, what do I need to do?

After we transfer your phone number to the new system, we will push the application to your computer. As the date of your phone number transfer comes closer, please review the following set-up guide so you are prepared for logging in the first time and making any changes to your voicemail settings.  There are also additional how-to guides on other less common settings through the WebEx help portal. We have linked some of them below.

You will need to set up your voicemail and pin as outlined in the set-up guide. NOTE: Your old voice mail will be inaccessible / abandoned after your phone is switched over to the new system. Please be sure to document any messages that you want to keep. 

Video for set-up of Cisco WebEx

After Cisco WebEx Set up FAQs

6) How do I set a new voicemail message and change my voicemail settings?

Refer to: Set up your voicemail 

Cisco Webex How-to guides for common actions

App Buttons and Navigationthis is helpful in learning how to navigate the app for the first time and where you can check your voicemail, access audio/video settings.

Making a call outside of MinnState

Finding an existing contact

Answer a call

Put a call on hold

Transfer a call

Merge two calls  

Start a conference call (video or phone)

Check your voice mail

Set your voicemail pin

Set up your voicemailRecord your greeting (optional), change forwarding options (optional), or change notification or email settings (optional)

Want to learn more?

WebEx help center - type your question in the search box and select the article you want to view


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