Desk Phone Request


  • Request a new desk phone or configuration changes to the way the phone(s) work in your area (i.e. which lines that appear, which extensions ring to it etc.)
  • This request may be needed for new employees, position changes, campus location changes or an existing phone reset for a different user.
  • After selecting the "Request Service" button, please provide information on the form that makes it easier to fulfill your request.
  • Resident Faculty and staff are eligible to request this service.


  • Cisco IP phones are full-feature data network-driven devices that have numerous configuration capabilities.
  • Cisco IP desk phones provide the flexibility so there is no longer the need to move the physical phone, phone line or phone number as this can now be configured on the back end.


Request Service


Service ID: 40940
Mon 12/2/19 3:06 PM
Sun 5/1/22 8:11 PM