Software Request


  • Software used on State-owned devices must be reviewed and approved for installation and use by IT Services.
  • IT Services maintains the licensing and management of media and is responsible for the delivery of physical or cloud software.
  • Respective department and/or faculty development funds will need to pay for software requiring purchase.
    • Please attach written communication from the approving Authority
  • IT Services will coordinate installation and/or configuration of approved software requests.
  • Faculty and staff are eligible to request this service.


  • Ensures compatibility between software, hardware, and the campus environment
  • Complies with licensing agreements
  • Centralized management of media


  • Are there any outside sites the customer needs to visit to have this service request processed by IT?

  • Is there a University Policy associated with this request?

Request application type (needs to be the correct ticketing application instance if requestable)

Request Service


Service ID: 51244
Thu 11/4/21 5:31 AM
Thu 11/11/21 11:53 AM