Laptop Cart Checkout Request


  • Laptop carts are for use in a classroom when they are needed, instead of using a computer lab.
  • Laptops come with the standard software of Microsoft Office 2019, Internet Browsers and Internet access.

    • Additional Software can be added to laptop carts if requested through the Software Request form, during Spring and Fall software requests.  Any other times we need 2 weeks notice to prepare the laptops.

    • Note: Some software, depending on requirements of the software, may not work on the student laptops.

  • Create a ticket by clicking "Request Service" on the right hand side.

  • Laptop carts may only be checked out by active faculty and staff.

  • Laptop carts may only be used on campus.

  • Laptop carts will be delivered prior to the requested time and picked back up after the return time specified in the request. (During standard on-site service hours)


  • The benefits of using a laptop cart is having the ability to continue to teach in your classroom.  Students also test better when they are taking the test in the same environment that they have learned in.

  • These laptop carts are new and easy to use.  They will automatically connect to WIFI when a student signs in with their Star ID & Password.

  • Students will have the ability to print to the Follow-Me-Printers.


  • Please check out the Knowledge Base before reserving a laptop cart.

  • If you need immediate assistance, please contact Technology Services @ 952-995-1411, submit a ticket or email -


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